for Adult Clients

Adults with previously successful communication, cognitive and swallowing skills may find themselves in a position where this has either deteriorated or they have acquired a difficulties as the result of stroke or illness. In this area, your particular and individual needs will be discussed with you and we will determine whether an assessment of skills is warranted as well as negotiating where this might best take place. The areas of concern, which can be addressed, include:


  • Language and speech rehabilitation after stroke
  • Dysphagia or swallowing issues
  • Adult Voice concerns
  • Fluency or stuttering
  • Support groups for stroke
  • Degenerative communication issues
  • Support groups for clients with degenerative issues e.g. Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease
  • Communication in relation to cleft palate issues
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Cognitive Issues



What happens after you phone or email?


A real person, including, if possible, a Senior Staff Member will respond to any initial contact personally and if you choose to access the services of this practice, the following will or might happen:


  • An appointment for an initial consultations and/or assessment will be arranged
  • Both Psychologists and Speech Pathologists working within the practice have a range of different skills and, subject to the age of your child or needs of your adult client, the area of concern and availability of the relevant professional, you will be placed with the best person to meet your child’s needs
  • Questionnaires regarding your concerns may be sent to you, or relevant support people prior to the assessment to ensure that a full picture of your needs is being obtained.
  • Costs will be explained if you are not already familiar with them
  • You will be encouraged to confirm your private health cover or (if appropriate) explore the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Package or Mental Health Care plan(Psychology clients only) and/or National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • You may be eligible to receive Carers allowance from Centre-link which is provided to support families in meeting the costs of communication or therapy for children with significant needs
  • The practice has HICAPS/EFTPOS machines in each office and health insurance claims for most funds can be made at the time of payment
  • Following the assessment or at a time which is negotiated with you, a full written report will be provided. This report is included as a part of the initial consultation fee and is not an additional charge.
  • Arrangements for ongoing therapy are made based on your capacity to afford and attend sessions, although cancellation fees may apply if you fail to attend a session without reasonable notice.
  • Discounts are available for low-income families who have proof of low-income health care card.
  • Nursing home visits are offered


Psychologists and Speech Pathologists working for Good Prospects are registered as Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Providers for those families who have been approved under this plan by their GP to receive a rebate for up to 5, 10 or 20 sessions depending on diagnosis. Only Psychology clients may be eligible for a Medicare Mental Health Care plan from their GP.


Please see the Medicare Allied Health brochure for further details.


Our practice is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Please use their access checker at see if you may be eligible for this service.


Further information is available in the other areas of this website so please feel free to explore or download the current brochure for later reading.


We are committed to multi-disciplinary work and make active efforts to link with other professionals involved in the management of clients who may or may not have multiple health needs Professionals within the practice have had experience providing professional development to General Practice Network meetings and have been published in newsletters for such networks. Information sharing and professional development between about health professions is considered very important by this practice.


Any opportunities to promote the speech pathology and psychology professions and provide information regarding current practice in our areas of practice are welcomed and will not necessarily incur a charge. Please contact the practice directly if you would like someone to come to a network meeting or similar.